A dear (legend)diary moment

Yesterday Chris Stark had a dear diary moment when he got to interview Mila Kunis. The cleary inexperienced Chris was really impressed by the presence of Mila Kunis and started the interview with telling Mila that he was petrified, so Mila assured him: “he was doing a great job” Chris: ” really?” Mila: “no but we will see what happens”.

Well what happened was a real life re-enactment of the equally impressed William Thacker meeting the world famous Anna Scott in his travel-bookshop. I was not the first who had this association upon seeing this video, but wanted to put it out there for those who only check the internet to read my blog and should not miss this.

I am not sorry this was far from the subject ‘gaming’, since I reserved the right to do so. Tonight I am watching Notting Hill, tomorrow I will post my experience as a new pilot in EVE Online.


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