Cities Skylines 1.4

Cities Skylines has a new update. 1.4 hit steam today and brings canals, landscaping and rocks to the city builder. You can dive into 1.4 right now, with or without expansion packs. 


Landscaping was already possible with the new level editor that came with Snowfall, but in 1.4 you will be able to do it while managing a city. You can create mountains, forests and other natural elements in and around you cities. Important note: because of the new landscaping tools pathways and tree props have been moved from decoration to landscaping.


With mods we have already seen a lot of cities with complex water systems, but with 1.4 you will be able to manage water in different ways with the vanilla game. So if you want to build a Venetia or a replica of Amsterdam: you are free to build new water ways in Cities Skylines 1.4.

Cities Skylines 1.4 fixes

You can check all the new features here below. If you want to know more about the bug fixes that are made in 1.4, you can find them on the forums of Paradox.


  • Landscaping tools – Tools to edit terrain heights (Shift, Level, Smooth, Slopes), 3 brush sizes and 3 strengths are available in the option bar.
  • Paths – Paths were moved from Decorations to Landscaping Paths
  • Trees – Trees were moved from the Props Decorations group to Landscaping Trees
  • Rocks – Added rocks objects
  • Water Structures – contains Floodwalls, Quays and Canals
  • Decoration service renamed to Parks&Plazas
  • Parks – The Standard parks
  • Plazas – The Plazas style parks
  • Others parks – The parks which don’t belong in the 2 categories above
  • Tourism & Leisure – After Dark DLC only, contains all the park assets from After Dark
  • Winter Parks – Snowfall DLC only, contains all the park assets from Snowfall and only shows if you are in a Winter map
  • New categories for Unique Buildings
  • The Environment panel of the Map editor now contains several terrain props such as ruined/abandoned buildings and rocks.
  • The roads, paths, tunnels and tracks now have a new button in the Option panel where you can select snapping and straight or curve type. The button has 3 states and can be used to cycle through 3 preset heights for the elevation step when using page up and page down.
  • New steam achievements implemented
  • Default maps updated with new environment props
  • Dam placement shows terrain topography


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