Wooting One: An emotional Keyboard

Allright, this keyboard does not feel your emotions, but it is very sensitive. The Wooting One knows how hard you are pressing a key and converts it to an appropiate input for you computer. Very handy if you are a gamer. 

Gaming with a keyboard has a great benefit over controllers as hit can utilize 5 times the amount of button/key-functions of a modern gamepad. The downside is that you can only do two things with keyboard keys: press them or not press them. This means that if you are playing the new Forza on PC you can steer left or right, but it will always be the same amount of turning. Same with acceleration. You can only go full throttle or give none at all, which makes taking off in a controlled manner very hard.


For this reason I use a gamepad to play racegames on pc, so I can dose the amount of throttle or steering with the sticks and triggers. When you are playing a rpg you might want the same control over your character by walking slowly. Again the keyboard limits you in walking or not walking. Often there is a key that will toggle running, but there is nothing between walking or running. Switching to a controller is sometimes an option, but with some more keybinding demanding games like World of Warcaft you will need to stick with the keyboard.

Wooting One

That is the exact problem three gamers from the Netherlands had, so they decided to fix that. The Wooting One can register the amount of pressure you put on a key and adjust the input to your pc accordingly. This means you can have the same control over your games as you would have with a gamepad. It will probably take uber micro to master this kind of keyboard though.


Before celebrating this technological marvel, you might want to head over to the Wooting Kickstarter page. The Wooting One needs 30.000 euros to go in production and the tiny company is looking at the crowd to fund their project. Donations start at €139, which will buy you a keyboard when the Wooting One launches.

You can support the project by donating before June 23. The keyboards are supposed to ship in November this year.

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