Truck Simulator will soon be history

Self riding cars are being developed rapidly and in the next decade they might be a world wide phenomenon. Not only small personnel transport is automated: computers are currently being taught to drive big trucks as well. When that technology becomes the new standard, Euro Truck Simulator will become a historical simulator.

I am currently holding off on getting my drivers license in the hope that self driving cars will save me a lot of time, money and ever being the designated driver. While for me self driving automobiles is a great new technology, for a lot of people it will mean unemployment.

Taxi drivers, couriers and truck drivers will no longer be needed and their occupations will become a novelty from the past. A novelty that many gamers already look for in the truck simulator games that are becoming increasingly popular. The question is: how will these games develop when our everyday traffic evolves?

Truck Simulator with self driving trucks only will not be something people want to play, since there is nothing to play. However, trucks that are produced ten years from now might not be driven by humans, which means the trucks that drive around right now are the last models we will see in the games.

Historical Truck Simulator 2

Either we will stop developing new truck simulator games, since there is nothing new on the asphalt horizon to play, or Truck Simulator becomes a historical simulator that goes back to the good old days from the early 21st century.

Modders create old timer models for the current Truck Simulator games already and for a great group of people that are interested in them. The question is will the group of people interested in old vehicles driven by humans be big enough to keep the Truck Simulator franchise going? Let’s hope for the current truck drivers it does, so they can occasionally go back to their current jobs that will soon become a novelty.

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