How The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG

The title might confuse you, because its pretty clear TESO is an MMORPG. It seems though, that a lot of people are confused. For the past couple of months I have seen discussions about how TESO is not suitable for The Elder Scrolls series, because it’s not a single-player game. They are right,  The Elder Scroll Series have been a single-player experience. However TESO will be an MMORPG! So it will have completely different game mechanics, and partially a different audience.

People like different games and a lot of people who are a big fan of The Elder Scrolls won’t like TESO, just because they prefer to play Han-style (Solo). However people who do like to play an MMORPG are the audience of this game. Somehow a part of the group that apparently does not care for MMORPGs, has this weird idea that this new MMORPG is going to influence their game experience, when they probably will not even play it.

You can to compare it with World of Warcraft. That game was made based on the lore from the Warcraft series, I do not have to tell you this became somewhat of a success and it was not because they were able to transfer the RTS game-play so well. It was that because such a rich lore was created around the Warcraft series that an MMORPG could fit as well, even though it had completely different game-play.

In my opinion it is the same with TESO, the game-play of the previous Elder Scrolls games has nothing to do with TESO becoming a great game or not. I think the lore of  The Elder Scrolls is perfect for an MMORPG, we just have to wait and see what Bethesda will do with it! Hopefully we will be able to play it somewhere this year!


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