I got used to used cars

I finally bought my last PS3 game this week: Gran Turismo 6. I postponed it for so long because I was hoping Gran Turismo 7 would be released soon and I just did not feel like racing that much. But now I am back on the track, with one of the best racing games of the last generation. Or is it?

Yes it is, without a doubt, but I am missing a essential feature in the new GT: the used car dealer ship.

Used cars would rotate and could be anything that one could not find in the premium dealership. It was mostly a random rotation that could bring you a Volvo station wagon or a Lamborghini from the eighties. The cars often had quite some mileage on them, depending on the age.

GT5 Fiat L

Most cars that were available in the used car section in GT5 are now for sale through a standard car dealer in GT6.  Convenient, because now you do not have to wait for a special car that you want or need, to pop up in a list. You can just buy it.

The problem is that just buying it does not feel right, it’s not the petrol-head-way. Looking for a car for weeks and finding it in the right color and price was part of the fun of collecting cars in your garage. Looking for a Bugatti Veyron and finally finding it, made you appreciate the car that much more.

GT5 Bugatti L

Or starting your career with an old used car, that had as much horse power as your startersbudget would allow. I still have that old Nissan that needed its oil changed, engine taken apart and bodywork strengthened, before I could race with it. But once I had done that it boosted me through the first races, because the old machine was still incredibly fast. At the start of my GT6 career I bought a Golf GTI from the seventies with zero mileage on it, that would never happen in the real world.

The cars still look great and drive even better in GT6, but the absence of the used car dealer takes away a bit of the immersion for me. I guess it’s something I have to get used to.

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