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Holiday Special

The best games to play during the holidays and when it is cold outside

#5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

The fact that there are no Winter Olympics this year, does not mean that you have to skip it all together. If you are into sports this game is a fun way to enjoy them, without actually moving too much. It is also a welcome distraction for our favorite plummer from saving princesses. This game is also perfect for the holidays because you can play it on your handheld. This means you can sit in front of a fireplace when it is really cold, or in a closet hiding from the wet-kisses of a visiting aunt.  Also if you give your cousins a heads-up to bring their handhelds, your Christmas could turn in a tiny LAN-party! Just like Jesus would have wanted.


#4. Minecraft

Pick a nice snow biome and set up camp, preferably in the shape of a huge-ass castle. Proclaim yourself king of the north and gather your dire wolves to hunt some zombies and skeletons. When you get tired or low health, travel through the harsh winter-world back to your castle to eat some grilled pork-chops and to warm up by a nice fire. No who said you couldn’t have fun by staying inside and avoiding the nasty coldness outside? As with the previous game, try not to miss out on a great LAN opportunity! It requires a little bit more computer power than just a bushel of handhelds, but showing off your castle to your cousins after which you hunt them down with your dire wolves, is so much more rewarding.


#3. Company of Heroes 2

This one requires a strategic mind-set. World war II was horrible on the east-front, well actually everywhere but on the east-front is was pretty darn cold on top of it all. So it might  not be the game with the best christmas message. It is however a great game to play when it is cold outside, especially during a snowstorm. Curl up in a cozy chair with a blanket and send your men into the cold. When a snow-storm starts to rage in-game send your men into shelter and look outside your (real life) window into the cold weather outside, while thinking how lucky you are to be in the warm comfort of your home. When the snowstorm (in-game) is over move out with your men and shoot the remaining enemies that did not freeze to death. Merry Christmas!

Company of Heroes 2 1

#2 Skyrim

Skyrim is not just an amazing game but a game that is great to play during the winter because of its cold climate. Again get that comfy chair and this time also a hoodie. Why a hoodie you ask? Well when you are wearing it with the hood up, you will feel more immersed in the game while feeling more warmth at the same time. This sounds like I silly thing to do, but I no longer play without my hood on! If you play it on pc you should also install the Frostfall mod. It will add temperature and the possibility/danger of freezing to death to the game, which makes surviving much harder when you move your character through cold weather.

Steel Poppo

#1. Sims 3

This is one I always play around this time of the year. With the Seasons expansion you can simulate a very nice winter experience for your Sims with snow-angels, ice skating and woohoo in an igloo, does it get any better than that? Yes! You can also decorate your house with christmas-lights and most importantly: you can make a replica of every single family member that will come to your house for christmas. This way you can have a sort of trial run for the holidays. A great opportunity to make sure you get all the best presents at least once (although they are virtual presents this is still better than no presents) and to leave that really nasty wet-kissing aunt out in the cold. Also family feuds can be solved before the actual festivities and you can have an actual merry christmas before your real life family arrives. It may sound a bit crazy but it really takes the edge of. This is also the best way to spend christmas if you do not have any friends, family or a blog to write.



I wish you merry christmas and a happy new year and I hope to see you return to Legenddiaries in 2014.


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