Lone Wolf in The Division: 5 tips

The Division is meant to be a multiplayer game, but the first stats released by Ubisoft show that most time in The Division is spent alone. It is surprising that there are so many lone wolfs out there, because the cover-based shooter is a lot harder when playing alone. Here are some tips handle difficult fights on your own. 

#1 Suppression

Early on you can get a skill that gives you a deployable turret. Since enemies will only be shooting at you, it is wise to take this upgrade so you can suppress enemies. The turret will always be a very welcome distraction, during which you can pick of the suppressed enemies one by one.


#2 Sniper

Playing as a lone wolf in The Division without a sniper rifle is definitely possible, but firing on opponents from a great distance gives you the advantage. You can shoot half of the enemies before they even have you in their fire range. If you have a good aim you will also want to use it in relatively close combat, as a shot from a sniper rifle does a lot of damage. In combination with Tactical Link from the tech-wing, sniper rifles are even more lethal.

The Division Sniper Scope

#4 Strategy

You want to plan your fights and have as much advantages over your enemies as possible. Make sure you have:

  1. Enough cover
  2. A good overview, preferably from higher ground
  3. Escape routes when you are being outflanked

I know these three elements are actually all tactics, but ‘tactics’ does not begin with an ‘s’.


#4 Self healing

Medkits will not be sufficient to heal the many wounds you will endure: you are basically a sitting duck everywhere. You will need to heal up more often and there are a few healing abilities you can get through the medical wing. The first one is a on spot pulse that heals everyone (so you) in the nearby area immediately. Later on you can get the support station, which is a must for lone wolves.

Abilities Lone Wolf

#5 Stealth

When you venture alone into the Dark Zone stealth is going to be your best friend. You have to pick your fights, because against squads you will almost immediately lose. Watch enemy activity closely and try to pick the most remote pick-up zone to offload your loot. Making kills will also be much harder, but when you get to know the map and know what fights you can win you can have a lot of fun as lone wolf in the Dark Zone.

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