New PC opens up your library

I bought a new PC and other than the obvious reasons why that is awesome, it opened up my Steam Library. I can finally play the games that I could not play up until now. 

I bought a new PC because my loyal laptop started to shut down randomly after five years of intensive use. I know you are not supposed game on a laptop in the first place, but sometimes you have no other choice.

The combination of old gear and an obsession with buying games on sale made my Steam library grow exponentially, also with games that I could barely play or even not at all.


One of them is DayZ. I have 9 hours on the clock in Chernarus: 9 hours of horror and not because I was the target of a man-hunt. The lag, the pixels, the absence of shadows or lighting: I tried to look through it all but 9 hours was all I could manage.

greenish dayz

Now I get to view the world of DayZ in all its greenish glory and can I get mauled by zombies in 1080p, so you can imagine my euforie over the past few days.

Take over the old world

The biggest title on my backlog however, is a game that I wanted to play since it came out. Taking over the world with phalanx is actually my favorite activity you can do with a mouse and keyboard so I am pouring most of my free time in conquering barbarians.

Total War victory

My empire has to live up to the legacy of Alexander the Great and that means I am clocking more hours in the almost three year old Total War Rome 2, instead of The Division.

On the horizon

Even though I barely have the time to work on my sudden available backlog, I am already looking at all the titles that I will be able to play on PC this year. It is quite overwhelming and one would almost forget to take a moment and enjoy al the HDR and anti-aliasing I that are now turned on in all the games I play on PC.

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