On Morrowind

I like to start this blog with the moment gaming started for me. I was introduced to the computer era when my parents bought a computer,  I was about 7 at the time and I could play Freddy Fish on it. Although I feel very nostalgic about that yellow fish, this is not the game that made me a gamer. Two years later in ’99 a friend of mine got a Game Boy Color with Pokemon Blue, I watched over his shoulder while his Blastoise hydro pumped its way through the game. This is where I felt the first itch and I wanted a Game Boy. It was way to expensive, so it was back to yet another play-through of Freddy Fish and his friend Luther.

The moment where I really became a gamer was somewhere in 2003.  I was staying over at a friend and he had an icon of a game on his desktop, that had a star and a crescent in it. I asked what it was and he said a name I forgot instantly and that it was awesome. I was intrigued by the intro music while he loaded his save game. His character was standing in a small uninteresting shack, so I started doubting the “awesomeness” he said it would be. The elf in the corner looked pretty cool though and I was told it was a Dunmer, I thought he looked a lot like an elf.


I was not really impressed, I mean the music was cool and that elf dude looked pretty tough with his face tattoo, but I was not that awesome. Then my friend went outside onto the “street” of  Hla Oad. It looked like a swamp and it was a swamp, but a totally awesome swamp. There were a few people walking around and you could just talk to them, all of them!  They all had their own background story and with some you could barter. Then my friend left Hla Oad and ventured into the swamp, I asked where he was going and he said ‘ just anywhere really’. Well that is pretty awesome..


 After a few hours watching my friend play I wanted to play. I created a character and  I met Jiub , Socucius Ergalla, gave back Fargoth his ring and then stole it back from his tree stump. We played all night in turns of half an hour until his mother caught us at 3 in the morning and we had to go to bed. The next day I only wanted to do one thing; buy Morrowind. I called my mother and told her I wanted to buy a game where you could do quests, talk with people and trade a lot, I left the part about fighting bandits, Kwama foragers and rats out of course. Half a year later I also convinced her to let me play GTA Vice City. I played it for a month, until she saw me attacking a man with a Chainsaw and realized it was probably not a game about a special agent who tries to save the world.

Anyway, I was allowed to get Morrowind and played it as much as I could. I could barely read English though, so I just wandered around and hoarded all my loot in a house in Balmora. It was not until I was 15 or 16 before I was able to do quests. Morrowind was instantly my favourite game and it still is my overall #1. It is also the game with which I became a gamer.

Let me know if you have a game with which it all started for you.


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  1. Wolfenstein ET


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