Play Scarface on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Play Scarface on Windows 7 and 8

Since Windows 7 a lot of games from the good old days fail to work without fixes and workarounds. This is also the case with Scarface: the world is yours. When you try to run it on W7 or W8 the graphics get all messed up and for me the sound disappears every now and then. This is how you fix it!

  • Type ‘msconfig’ in ‘run’ on w7 or ‘search’ on w8
  • select the start-up options and advanced settings
  • you can now select an option to let your computer run on one CPU
  • Apply this option and restart your computer
  • Start Scarface and the problem should be fixed!

If your sound also randomly stops, pres alt-tab and alt-tab again. This turned the sound back on for me.

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Play Scarface on Windows 10

Playing Scarface on Windows 10 is a bit more tricky.

  • Download 3D Ripper DX and install it
  • Open 3D Ripper DX and click on the browse button next to the top field of the program
  • Look for the Scarface executable ( by default in: C:\Programfiles (x86)\Radical Games\Scarface)
  • Open the executable and press ‘Launch’ in the bottom of 3D Ripper DX

Read my article about Scarface here.

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  1. I did everything..but it ain’t working on my win 7.


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