Redstone Technology: The Gameband

Engineers have succeeded in using Redstone as a sustainable power source and the first device that has this new technology applied will let you play more Minecraft than ever before.

The Gameband developed by Now Computing is a wristband that lets you take your Minecraft worlds anywhere and backs them up in a cloud. The usb device can be plugged into any computer and you can immediately continue your Minecraft projects and adventures.

Especially if you use a lot of different computers, or do not own a computer yourself the Gameband can give you the means of really owning your worlds and have them available wherever you go. The led-display can show the time, date or just something of your own creation.

The wristband costs about 80$ in the US and has yet to be announced for the rest of the earth. It comes pre-loaded with several mods but keep in mind that you will have to own a copy of Minecraft, because without it’s just an expensive led watch.

I was saving up for a smart-watch but now I am buying one of these as soon as they cross the Atlantic.

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