Sunday Morning Material

Sunday morning is a moment to recover from Saturday night and to catch up on some reading you missed during the week. Mainly because when you start gaming now your hangover will mix with motion sickness, which will not end well. So here some material to start the day with.

 The Rarest Video Game In The World

The article of this week is from Kotaku where Stephen Totilo posted an interview with Colin Northway. Colin is a nomadic game developer who has made a very interesting game named ‘Shader’. While the game itself is not that special the idea behind it and the way Colin executed it, is. He wanted to create a game that was bound to the device that people played it on and that it would not be possible to copy it. Therefore the game would live as long as the laptop it was played on.

“When he finished making the game, he vowed, he would glue the laptop’s hard-drive in place. He would destroy the laptop’s ports. He would disable its Internet connections. The game would live and die on the laptop.”

A very interesting story to start your Sunday with, which you can read here  (in case you missed the link above)

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