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Most gamers will know their first game without having to think about it, but if I ask you what your first Android game was you probably have to think a little bit harder. Candy Crush? Flappy Bird? You can try to remember or you can just check it in your Play Store history like I did.

First Android Game

Play store app listNow you might consider mobile games ‘non-games’, which is fine. For this post I will have to consider Android games as real games though, otherwise I have to look at my first app in general and I am not writing about Sound Search for Google Play.

My first Android game was Angry Birds, which was actually the second app I downloaded on my first Android phone. I cannot remeber looking forward to Angry Birds that much, but I think my reasons for buying a smartphone are clear.

The best, the bad and the ugly

Angry Birds is not my favorite game of all time on mobile, but I it was fun and didn’t ask for endless microtransactions to advance: which is pretty much all you could ask for at the time. A game I enjoyed much more and is probably my number 1 mobile game is Eufloria. The records show that it is also the first mobile game I payed for. Before that I was a microtransaction doging freeloader.I was expecting a couple of bad purchases as well, but unlike my Steam library I couldn’t find a game that wasn’t free and really dissapointing. So kudo’s for my past-consumerist-self. There are some very ugly free ones though, one that I am even reluctant to share.


Bonnie's BrunchWithout going into details and making a list I will just share my ugliest android game on the list: Bonnie’s Brunch. If you think that it looks like Cook Serve Delicious and that despite de horrifying name it might be fun: it’s not. Its like brunch itself: for boring people. People who are too lazy to get up early to do something on a sunday morning, but didn’t do anything on a saturday evening to sleep in until noon. Bonnie’s Brunch is for those that are too lazy to play Candy Crush, which already requires very little  effort, and are not fun enough to play something awesome like Cook Serve Delicous all night.

I am not sure how I got from my first Android game to a rant about brunch, but let me know in the comments what your first Android game was or what you think about brunch!

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