Beginner’s guide Cossacks 3

While the title suggest a full new game in the series it is actually a remake of the first Cossacks and therefore has some ancient gameplay elements. I put some handy tips together to get you started in the wide plains of 17th century Europe.

Camera work

The camera is very limited in Cossacks 3 as you can only view the battlefield from one angle and distance. It is the classic way of projecting real time strategy games on the screen, but anno 2016 one might want to rotate and pitch the in game camera a little bit more.

You open the console in Cossacks 3 with ctrl+enter. Type ‘freecamera’ without quotations and press enter. You can now adjust the camera by pressing ctrl and the middle mouse button. With ctrl+pageup and ctrl+pagedown you can alter the angle.


Them walls

When you have never played a Cossacks game you might hit the wall when coming across… well walls. These stone fences keep you away from the enemy while they bombard you with cannonballs and it is a bit of a mystery of how to destroy them. Walls – or buildings in general – can only be destroyed by shooting them with cannons or bowmen.

In one of the first campaign missions you have to fight against the Turks and their walls, but you do not get archers, nor can you build a cannon factory. In these cases you have to capture cannons from the enemy. Wait until the enemy ventures out to shoot you and ambush them with you cavalry. Some cannons might be destroyed in the process, but a few will probably remain and it is only a few that are needed to make a nice neat hole in the enemy’s defences.

Being picky

If you are a veteran you might just want to play certain missions again and there is a cheat for that as well. Pres the same ctrl+enter combination and enter: showallmissions. This should make all missions visible and then you can pick which ever one you’d like.

Think bigger

When dropping down your first barracks you might think: let’s build a nice regiment of 20 pikemen. Cossacks seems like a normal real time strategy game, but it knows battles as large as Rome Total War so think bigger! With ctrl+click on a unit in the barracks or other production facility you put it on infinite production. Just keep units rolling of the planks, because you will need them all.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

If you are a cheater all the way and want to have a completely unfair – but crushing – advantage over your adversaries, you might want to consider the following cheats:

Open console with ctrl+enter

res %resource% %amount%
available resource names: food wood stone gold iron coal all
For example:
res stone 70000
res all 10000000 (this will set all resources)

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