Planets³: Minecraft in space?

Planets³ came onto my radar a while back, before it was on Kickstarter. It was picked up by multiple websites as a game with great potential, eventhough it has the most impossible name a game has had so far. I mean it is very fitting, but no one is going to trouble themselves with figuring out how to get that ‘³’ in there every time.

Genre: Open-world, role playing game
Developer: Cubical Drift
Platform: Pc and Mac

So what is it?

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this trailer was: Minecraft in space!! While that is not untrue, it is not all there is to Planets³. It is indeed in space and you can build with blocks, but there are also quests, vehicles and npc’s you can interact with. So Planets³ is also very much an exploration, adventure and quest driven game. Freedom is supposed to be the key in the experience of all that Planets³ has to offer.

While the title suggest blocky worlds like Minecraft, the concept art shows a lot more shapes than that. There are for instance cylinders and pyramids you can build with. So while the planets themselves are indeed large cubes, the landscape is more smooth. This will give the player a lot more possibilities for creating and building stuff.  The crafting also has endless possibilities. As you can see in this video, the amount of varieties you have at your disposal while crafting one single sword are very extensive.


Concept art

The developers

There are currently three people behind Cubical Drift. While it is their first game together, they have years of experience in developing applications and/or games. They have a prototype running but it still need lots of work before the game can be released. That is why they planned there first release for the fall of 2015 and an additional release for 2017. In the first release you will be able to travel between planets in one system and play the first part of the story line. The second release will allow the players to travel beyond the first system into a whole universe where they will also finish the story. To achieve this they need to raise $250,000 from Kickstarter.

Is it worth backing?

The project is an ambitious one. That is why they will need a lot of money but also a lot of time to realize all the features they have planned. The initial release in the fall of 2015 seems therefore realistic. However, this does mean that it will take a long time before your investment in them will pay out (in a playable game that is, not in money).

Concept art

Concept art

I also have my doubts about the a story line in this type of game and how it will affect your freedom. If you add a story to a game like this, the sandbox aspect of the game might be lost. Which does not have to be a bad thing, if making it a sandbox experience is not their goal. Especially if they want to distance themselves from Minecraft it can even be a very good thing. That does mean it is still a bit of a gamble if the game is going to turn out to your liking. But that is the case with most Kickstarter projects.

If you back $15 or more you will get the game upon release, from $20 you get access to the alpha and beta of the game as well. Planets³ is on Kickstart now, with 30 days to go.


  1. Thanks for this mate, I had no idea about this game but I would buy it right now if it were out! Looks soooooo much fun!


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