Preview: Cities Skylines Snowfall

Only a few days left before the second expansion of the best city builder of this moment will release. Cities Skylines Snowfall will add trams, fog, temperature and of course snow.

Is it getting hot in here?

With the previous expansion After Dark we got a day and night cycle, which came with problems of managing your citizens power and water needs during day and night. Snowfall will pose a similar challenge by letting the temperature vary and different weather conditions melt or pelt your city’s inhabitants. You will also have to warm every building in the city by burning more of whatever is giving your city electricity or placing boiler-plants to heat your city more effectively.

New traffic challenges

When it actually does freeze and/or snow, you will have to take care of your roads by placing the new road maintenance building. When you don’t: the snow and icy roads will generate more traffic jams. I already have my hands full with the current traffic hassles, but if you are better at city planning Colossal Order has a new challenge for you.

Snowfall 3

Let it rain!

As the title suggests are the new weather conditions one of the main features of this expansion. It will snow, freeze, fog and rain. All of the weather conditions look good, especially the rain. The wet gleaming roads and rain drops that glitter in the light of a street light catches the romantic feeling that autumn can give, but without the harsh cold wind and wet clothes, because you will be inside, behind a computer playing Cities Skylines Snowfall.

snowfall 2


Holiday spirit

The additional features sound promising and a good reason to pick up the game again after almost a year of its initial release. The only thing wrong with the expansion that seems to be created by Santa himself, is the release date of February 18th: 56 days after Christmas.


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