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As a semi-professional procrastinator I am a huge fan of browser games, as I can play them in short sessions between work, on the train or at home without having to boot up an actual game. The problem though, is that many of these games suck; often because of a pay to win model. Fifth Season tries to avoid all that with their new Sci-fi browser game AD2460.

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You might know the developer Fifth Season from other web browser games like Planetarion and Managerleague. While the amount of players for both games was limited, they were quite successful for browser games. With AD2460 they have created the spiritual successor of Planetarion, as a highly social strategy game in a sci-fi setting.

The story is set in the year 2460, who would have thought… and mankind has been scattered throughout the universe. Your goal is to develop your base on your home planet and expand your operation through the galaxy. This galaxy is gigantic, 2 of the 16 quadrants are currently available and those are divided in 16 sectors each. The sectors are divided into 16 clusters and each cluster contains 16 systems. After approximately two weeks I have visited about 7 system and I am certain that I will never see the majority of the galaxy.

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The game has two types of planets: habitable and inhabitable. You start the game with a home base on a habitable planet and start building outposts to gain resources from inhabitable planets. With the resources you gain, you develop several facilities, research new technologies, and of course your fleets. As pirates and other players roam the galaxy you will have to keep up and built up your defences. Also forming or joining an alliance is not a bad idea to protect yourself.

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I have not experienced full out war between alliances as of yet, but the battles are played out on a very simple but informative map. You can not steer the battle once it has started, but you can plan certain elements of a battle before it starts and influence the outcome. From my experience it is still the person with the most ships that wins, but this might change if you get further into the game.

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Now as you advance the ships and technologies become more powerful and complicated, the game has therefore created a very extended tutorial. It is not an interactive one though, so you will have to do lots of reading before you will understand the basics. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you invest some time in grasping the basics you will get a very in-depth browser game in return.

The first 15 days AD2460 is free, after that you pay around 10 cents a day to continue playing. Without any form of micro-transactions that is a small price to pay for a very extensive browser game. The fact that you do not need to download anything or install any plugins, makes the game available for most computers and you can even play it very well on a tablet or smartphone. This practically makes it an EVE Online on the go.

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