Review: Football Mafia

footballmafiaRecently the world found out that the FIFA is a bunch of white-collar criminals. They have been for a long time, but now they actually got arrested for it. Except for El Presidente Sepp Blatter of course, who got elected for his fifth term regardless of all the fuss around his organisation. These events were the inspiration for Football Mafia, developed by OrangeGames.

It is difficult to define Football Mafia in one term or genre. While it looks like a management game, it does not have enough depth and while you can see it as a parody on the FIFA events, there are no explicit references to them. Maybe it fits into a new genre: bribing.footballmafiascreens1

From referees to complete clubs: you bribe them all. Once bribed they can generate income for you and with that income you bribe some more. The only thing that can keep you from bribing is the FBI. I am not sure why they are investigating the Football Mafia, but they are not doing a very thorough job. They only check one segment of the football world at the time and if they catch you bribing, you will  – unlike Blatter – get arrested. Or do you? If the long arm of the law (literally) catches you it, is not an immediate game over because you can still try to bribe some people to take the blame for you.


When your bribe is successful you can start generating money, which can be automated by watching a commercial. So instead of an annoying pop-up you now have to initiate the ads yourself. I am not sure which is better, but I made $284.95 million while writing this review which is all right I guess.

Football Mafia is more a parody than an actual game, but it will give you a chuckle and make you a virtual millionaire.

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