Review: Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy drops you very roughly in outer space, but without drowning you immediately in an endless void of options. Double Damage Games went out of there way to make there gritty space sim accessible for everyone in the known universe, including casual space peasants like myself.

Rebel Galaxy

From the start of your adventure through Rebel Galaxy you command large capital ships with hundreds of crew members. So if you want a fast-paced fighter dog-fights, this is not the game you are looking for. If you want to be a captain of a large chunk of space-metal, that fires at leas four different types of ammunition at your enemies, you are in the right place. Or if you want to quietly mine asteroid-belts: that’s OK too.

Screen 2

The story is something about a missing aunt, that you have to go and find. I did not really pay attention to it, to many lasers I guess. But that is exactly what Rebel Galaxy is about, do the story or don’t do the story, align yourself with the citizens militia or become a gun-blazing pirate. Rebel Galaxy is an actual sandbox game, which are rare these days. It reminds me of Mount and Blade and Sid Meier’s Pirates, which is as good as sandbox gets.

Screen 3

The only thing that I had to get used to is the horizontal gameplay. You can only move your ship through space like you move a large freight-ship through the ocean. The only way the game gives you the feeling of space dimensions is when small dog-fighter ships swarm around your large scrap metal ship and rip you to pieces from all possible sides.

Screen 5

The music is great: rough rock songs that compliment your ship that looks like it has been assembled by Seasick Steve himself.  The ugly scrap metal ships are a beautiful contrast with the vast space scenery that surrounds you. Of course when you stop for a moment to admire the view, a Korian raider warps out of deep space to turn your ship into space junk. My board-computer tells me the threat-level is red, should we try to warp the hell out of here? Nah, Lock ‘n load the broadside cannons and keep those deflectors up!

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