Steam Greenlight: RymdResa

You might have seen RymdResa on Steam Greenlight and disregarded it as yet another space game, which is not untrue. When you read the features: procedural world, random loot, ship customization there does not seem to be anything new to it. Until the key-words solitude of space, poetic experience and non-violent are added to the mix. Might it be something different after-all?

Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Arcade
Developer: Morgondag
Platform: Pc, Mac, Linux, Wii U

RymdResa does not only have a strange name, it also has unusual features. The one that stands out is ‘non-violent’, because most space exploration games (if not all) have some sort of laser weapons in it. The game, developed by two people from the Swedish Morgondag, does not have any lasers. Instead it is focused on exploration and the solitude of space. You will travel through space while gathering materials, customizing your spaceship and doing hundreds of text-based quests. In combination with the unique music and visual style, RymdResa should give the player a ‘poetic experience’.


Morgondag has not released any games of this scale or level yet, but the trailer and website are promising. The game has been Greenlit yesterday, but there are no details about a release-date or price yet. I myself cannot wait to begin my poetic journey through space in RymdResa.

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