The Tommorow Childeren

The Tomorrow Children was announced during Gamescom and has raised many questions since. The trailer shows a very surrealistic, post-apocalyptic, communistic and maybe even absurd atmosphere. Let’s have a look at what we know so far about this open-world sandbox game.

The Tommorow Children

Genre: Open-world sanbox
Developer: Q-game
Platform: Playstation 4

Post-apocalyptic communists

karl-marx-4The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a failed Russian experiment in the 1960’s, which explains the many communistic attributes shown in the trailer. You spawn in the world 90 years after the incident and you have to rebuild human society as it once was and defend it from monsters and other dangers that threaten your world. You begin as a proletarian and have to work your way up by gathering resources for the community and earning coupons. Not that you can really climb up in the ranks of society, but you do gain abilities that help you roaming around the world, but as equal to all the others. At the end of the day all players have to report to the Ministry of Labor and have their work-day evaluated.


Yes this is an online game and can be played as multiplayer game. Or can it? Your actions and changes in the world do appear in the world of others, but you do not. They describe it as a-synchronous play. You can however play together with with friends if you choose so, which seems to be a normal multiplayer mode. Details on how this all exactly works are coming soon, but this is what I could make from the few interviews and announcements out there at the moment of writing.

The Tommorow Children stillActions you and your comrades carry out, vary from exploration, quests and building. It is in a way a Minecraft game, but with a very different approach and theme. The creators emphasize that while the game is like Minecraft, it was never designed with being like Minecraft as a goal. They want to create a game in which playing together and create, build and form a community is the main goal for players. The setting of society based on Marxist ideas seems perfect for that.

Where can I signup

All this sounds really promising and has the potential to be one of the most interesting games of 2015. A release date has not been set yet, but I expect the game to release somewhere half-way through next year. You can signup for the alpha right now though, which goes live at the end of October. Until then we just have to focus on practising The Internationale.

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