Say farewell to your wife and children, because you are going up north with the upcoming Mount and Blade Warband DLC: Viking Conquest.

Viking Conquest

The game from 2010 gets another expansion 4 years after its release, from the makers of the Brytenwalda mod. The game will feature ships, sea-battles, coastal assaults and more viking-themed activities. The events will be set during the dark ages and you can travel between the British Isles, Frisia, Denmark and Norway.

The game gets several improvements and new features including but not limited to: religions, improved AI, wounds, new cultures and troops. Also some sort of player homes is introduced in the form of a ‘refuge’ where you can house wives and children. The game will feature no horned helmets as of yet since the developers strive to make the game historically accurate. Check the website of TaleWorlds where you can find all features that were announced.

It is a work in progress and there is no release date yet, but TaleWorlds says that new announcements are coming soon.


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