5 Things from Legion that should have been in World of Warcraft all along

#5 Killed by death

Anyone who has stepped into the expansion for more than 5 minutes will know that death is a big part of this expansions story. Some have compared it to Game of Thrones: killing of characters because of the killing itself, but unlike the last seasons of that series I feel more invested in the story because truly meaningful events come to pass. It is not just the dead, but also the living that go through rough ordeals in The Broken isles. This kind of story telling belongs in the universe of Warcraft and serves the deep lore and colourful characters.

#4 The upper class

world-of-warcraft-playable-order-hallsClass focused gameplay is nothing new in World of Warcraft: vanilla was nothing but class. Somewhere around cataclysm WoW really lost its focus on this subject and therefore I was very happy to see class halls added to the game and special class quests are back as well. The artifact quests remind me of the challenging quest Warriors had to do around level 30 to gain a bad ass looking axe that would become completely obsolete around level 55.

That exclusiveness and warrior-feeling is something that WoW should have had all the way to Draenor, but only go back with the latest Legion invasion. When I found out that even class specific blue armour sets are back I literally jumped out of my chair. Every class is important again, regardless of item level. Every class can be the very best and have the status of most elusive class in the game. Except all the classes but Death Knight of course. Those soulless warriors own them all.

#3 Double jump

world-of-warcraft-double-jumpAn obvious one, but not less important. The satisfaction one gets from jumping up while in mid-air is limitless. Besides the jumping, Demon Hunters feel and play like they always have been in WoW. If it was for me they could have put them in when The Burning Crusade expansion hit. I know lore-wise that would have meant Demon Hunters could only walk around the Black Temple for the next ten years, but that is ten years of Outlandish double jumping. I’d take that any day over no double jump at all.

#2 Floating cities

world-of-warcraft-beer-gardenFloating cities are better and while I hadn’t moved my hearth stone from Dalaran since Wrath of the Lich King, we have not seen any new Dalaran content in a while. Not only is Dalaran back, it is hopping from location to location as a floating city should. This hopping city (not to confuse with the city hopper) has had a great revamp before the expansion and some new content added to its underbelly. The only thing we didn’t need back was the Violet Hold, but I am willing to let that slide over the amazing Guardian Chambers that opened up. Also, Dalaran is the only city with a beer garden. That is not something that gets particularly better on high altitudes, but it does make this floating city complete.

#1 Antlers on Tauren

world-of-warcraft-antler-taurenHow someone at Blizzard only now got the idea to put antlers on a Tauren is beyond me. Actually it is not that strange as antlers are usually on a moose or deer’s head and they are of a different animal family than cows. It is a very long story about Bovidae and Carvidea that is to complex to get into right now, check wikipedia if you are into that stuff.

So back to High Mountain where the Tauren with antlers reign and we hopefully all get a moose mount in the nearby future, because yes the ride moose. Antlers on a Tauren are a perfect match and should have been part of WoW a long time ago. The only thing left to wish for is that antlers will also become available for the playable Tauren race, but something tells me it will be a long time before we get to see that.

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