Who’s ready for the fall… of capitalism

Fall is one of my favourite season because it goes so well with socialist jokes and communism memes. I take almost infinite pleasure from this and it made me think of games that suit the fall particularly well. Games that you can play for long periods of time when it rains and preferably give you the option to overthrow the bourgeoisie and cease the means of production.

#5 Tomorrow children

A mix between Minecraft and something that screams Sovjet Union. In short it is an absurdist Communism simulator that is free to play as of this week. The reviews that are in, are not that positive. However, the atmosphere in the game is very gloomy and resonates pretty well with the fall. As of the fall of capitalism this one seems perfect, but micro transactions betray its capitalist creators. Still a decent game to try out during the fall and quickly move on from when winter comes.


#4 Tropico 5

This one is for those who hate bad weather. The tropical climate of the communist island will make you forget the rain outside, although you might have to crank up the music pretty high depending on how intense it can rain where you live. It scores an absolute 10 on the fall of capitalism rating chart. As El Presidente you build factories, farms and housing for every comrade within your island nation. In the process you can set aside some emergency funds, so you can start over on another island once the americans invade. This tropical communism simulator will last you through the fall and possibly the winter as well.


#3 Papers Please

What better a season than the fall to catch up on some backlog immigration paperwork to keep The Motherland safe and sound from the bourgeoisie migrating from western countries. It will not last all the rainy days in the UK,  The Netherlands or even Normandy, France, but it is your duty too check this very original puzzle game if you have not done so already. The Motherland will be forever in your debt.


#2 Civilization 6

With the new government feature in the latest Sid Meier game one can actually create the ultimate communist superpower. Put the care of your people first and make sure all nations know that they failed when succumbing to capitalist sins. While a true comrade is absent from the spectrum of world leaders, you can still make a revolutionary appearance among the other civilisations by showing them how one should govern the world. The capitalists have made this game the most expensive game in this list, but it will last you till next fall, if you only let yourself play one more turn…


#1 Jalopy

You get a head start in this game as the fall of capitalism is concerned, since the means of production have already been ceased when you depart on your road trip through the DDR. Still in early access this exploration game allows you to travel through East-Germany, Czechoslovakia and Hungary during the times when the Iron Curtain was still standing. The atmosphere in game is very much in tune with the fall, especially when it starts raining in game. Jalopy will not last the whole season, but it is as close as one virtually can get to the fall of capitalism.


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