The best 2048 adaptation

There are numerous adaptations of 2048 out there, with variation in colours, numbers, kittens, Star Wars themes and even a hexagon variety. In the end it is all the same: add up corresponding numbers to create bigger numbers to crank up your score. Even though they are all alike I still find that one adaptation rises above the rest.

There are roughly two categories in free-to-play mobile games. In the first we find al the games that seem fun, but are impossible to play due to microtransactions and adds. The second category consists of games that are so addictive to play that you play them despite all the adds and microtransactions. 2048 falls into the latter category.

2048 addiction

It is highly addictive and when it first came out in 2014 I resisted the temptation to download and play it on my phone. I took the high-road and played it on my girlfriends phone instead. I put some fair hours into this game designed by Gabriele Cirulli, but never got very far. It is hard to care about a game that is just there to pass time and that’s ok because it does it very well.

The best 2048 adaptation

Then I came across City2048, that makes all the difference. It turned a game to pass time into a game that you can actually cared about.So what does City2048 differently?


2048 Aesthetics

Well not that much. The most noticeable difference are the graphics. Instead of moving around plain numbers you are moving and combining meadows, cottages, villa’s, condo’s and skyscrapers. The block you move these tiles around feels like your own constructions site of a possible great city, although it has little to do with actual construction.

Getting the best score in 2048

The second best difference is the score. The points you make are measured in population, so when you get to a thousand you will feel like there are living that many people on your little block. It gives a nice spin to the false sense of achievement you get from 2048 games and makes you care a tiny bit more about making that number increase. Also when make a wrong move it will not only give you the feeling of failure, but also the responsibility of making thousands of virtual people disappear.

A better 2048

Is City2048 a game changer? Not really. But it will get you invested in that addictive time consuming game from 2014 again. So if you liked it back then and are into aesthetically pleasing games; you will like this 2048 adaptation.

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