The 5 best games currently on the PS Vita

The PS Vita is definitely not the most successful gaming device out there and is more often than not declared dead when the media speak of the handheld. I disagree. True, the PS Vita is not what it could be and few games come out for the handheld, but there are some really good reasons to still game on the Vita. Here are the best PS Vita games that you should play on Sony’s handheld right now. 

These games are very much my favourites and might not suit your preferences. However, I think if you give any of these games a chance you will find yourself occupied for hours on your travels, commutes and toilet breaks. If you still think after playing these games the Vita is indeed dead, I recommend the Wii U; a real up-and-comer.

#5 Dragon Quest Builders


One of the surprises of 2016, that was doomed to be cast off as yet another Minecraft ripoff. Against all odds Capcom delivered in combining the typical Minecraft sandbox gameplay with their traditional Dragon Quest JRPG. The result is a somewhat limited sandbox game with slimmed down RPG elements, that is still a lot of fun. Building a village, castles or even something that resembles a small city is pleasantly interrupted with some good ‘ol adventuring hack-and-slash style.

Better yet, the game really plays well on the go. Working on your creations and doing a quest between daily chores. The bad thing is that the PlayStation title is not cross save, so progress made on the PS Vita will be separate from that on the PlayStation 4. Other than that, there is little reason why you shouldn’t get this game for the Vita if you like a little building and adventuring every now and then.

#4 Persona 4: Golden


In the category ‘somewhat weird JRPG’ we find Persona 4. A JRPG that has an highschool as setting with students that have superpowers. Besides from the typical turned-based battles, you will also have to go through a lot of social interactions. This makes the gameplay unique and also perfect for playing on the go.

You can easily spend over 70 hours on the game before you finish it, so that is some very decent amount of time to spend on your handheld. Also by the time you are done the upcoming sequel Persona 5 will be out. Although there is no word about a PS Vita version yet.

#3 XCOM: Enemy Unkown


This spot was once reserved for Final Fantasy Tactics, but since the release of Enemy Unknown on the Vita, there really is no better strategy game for this handheld. I mainly played this game on pc, which is still superior to this version. But the turned based gameplay make it a very suitable Vita game.

The graphics are downgraded a lot on the Vita, but that is to be expected on a mobile platform.  The game is still very playable though and the most important thing is that the gameplay is solid. The depth from the other versions of the game has been brought to the PS Vita perfectly, which makes it a must buy for any strategy fan.

#2 Helldivers


Full disclosure: I am not a big fan of shooter games. Especially on the Vita I have not been able to enjoy them, because they always miss the depth I am looking for. That being said it is maybe even more impressing that Helldivers is on my list. I bought the retail version for the PS4 specifically for the local co-op option, but actually clocked more hours on the PS Vita.

The top down shooter resembles Diablo if you look at the hordes of enemies and the way you level your character. On top of that the twin-stick shooting works really well on the handheld and the fact that you work towards some sort of persistent MMO war makes it a unique game. Perfect after a hard days work, when all you wanna do is dishing out some freedom.

#1 Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon PS Vita

With the previous listed games I named several locations and moments I used my handheld. When Darkest Dungeon came out for the PS Vita last September there actually wasn’t a moment or place I didn’t play on my Vita. To be fair, I did not play the game on PC or PS4, but it is by far my favourite game on Sony’s handheld.

When I plan to take a trip I now also take into account which dungeons I will be running during and what team I will take. I have missed trains and appointments because of this, but this was soon forgotten once I entered a dungeon. The tension of the journeys that often end in utter destruction, make me sit on the edge of my seat every single time.

Another great aspect are the low system requirements of Darkest Dungeon. They cause the battery to drain very slowly, which means more dungeons to explore on longer journeys. Darkest Dungeon is therefore a must play for any RPG-fan and maybe the best Vita game currently out there.

These are my favourites, but there are definitely more titles that deserve a spot on your Vita’s drive. Let me know in the comments what games you play on the go on the PS Vita.

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