Dwarfs vote dwexit and leave the Alliance

There has been a lot of turmoil on the European continent after the Brexit vote last week, which puts the European economics and politics under pressure. It is nothing like a Dark Portal opening up or a Lich King rising up – although we gotta watch that Trump guy – but it made me think of what would happen if a faction would leave the Alliance in World of Warcraft.

With the ongoing skirmishes against the Horde and the upcoming invasion of the Burning Legion a faction leaving the Alliance would be suicide at this moment. That being said, let’s see what a split in the Alliance would mean for the economy, warfare an politics.


Every faction could be a possible leaver from the Alliance. The Night Elves for instance have their own tree island and could easily retreat from Azerothian events. Or the Worgen move back into their walled city and be done with it. However, I believe a dwexit by the dwarfs would be most interesting, as it will have a larger impact. Also with heir natural stubbornness it is not that unlikely.

Dwexit 5The dwarven faction is currently ruled by the Council of Three Hammers, consisting of three representatives from the Bronzebeard clan, Wildhammer clan and Dark Iron clan. If they want to cancel their membership of the Alliance, at least two of the three clans will have to vote for a Dwexit. In my scenario the Bronzebeards and Dark Iron clan will vote for a dwexit, where the Wildhammers will vote for dwemain.


The Wildhammer clan is a folk of hill dwarfs and has always been more orientated beyond their own borders. They have the most to lose when their faction would leave the Alliance.

The Wildhammer clan mostly resides in the Hinterlands, where they train their gryphons. The gryphons are one of the reasons they will not want to leave the Alliance, since Stormwind is a major client for their gryphoning services. Stormwind will want to keep the Wildhammer close as well, because they are depended on the gryphons for transportation and even use them in their military.

Dwexit 1

Besides major economic interest, the Wildhammers are the most vulnerable to outer threats. The Twilight hammer is scheming around the corner and different Troll tribes surround the Wildhammer fortress. For these reasons it is unlikely they would vote for a dwexit and will probably do everything to remain in the Alliance: even if it means breaking with the Council of Three hammers.

Deeprun trade partners

The Bronzebeards and Dark Iron clan reside in Ironforge, the mighty city in the mountain. The dwarven capital is a centre of industrial production of weapons, with possible the greatest forges on Azeroth that produce the highest quality of weapons and armour. The city stands in direct contact with the Alliance capital through the Deeprun Tram that runs into the Dwarven Disctrict in Stormwind.  This district is shaped by the dwarfs from Ironforge with blacksmith oriented shops, that provide the humans with their high quality products.

Dwexit 2

The tram might be closed of as a result of the dwarfs becoming a neutral faction. Most of the dwarfs will have to leave the dwarven district and trade between the dwarfs and Alliance will be restricted. It will of course not be impossible and Stormwind might steel buy dwarven steel, but it will be with more restraint as the dwarfs will no longer be their most trusted allies.

The dwarfs have much to lose as well. Stormwind has a great port with goods coming in all over the world and the dwarfs will not have easy acces from the Stormwind district anymore. However, their main concern will be food.

Dwarven stout and Boar ribs

Dwarfs are great with food, the most delicious sounding cooking recipes come from them. There is one problem: it’s all meat. Now with some nice animal farms meat would be a great source to maintain al the dwarf bellies, but those who have walked through the snowy valley of Dun Morogh or the hills of Loch Modan will know there is no such thing as farms there.

Dwexit 3

The only food the dwarfs can get is by hunting wild animals and those will run out eventually. Stormwind however, can rely on all sorts of farms in Elwynn forest and get great wheat supplies from Westfall. The dwarfs will happily do without the bread and cheese from Stormwind if they can eat boar, but once they run out of ingredients for their ale and stout, the dwarven nation might become very unstable.

Gnomish independence

When the dwarfs leave the Alliance the Gnomes will as well by default. Their connection with the humans and other races of the Alliance run through Ironforge. The will be put into a difficult position as they are embedded in dwarven territory. If the dwarfs close their borders, so do the borders of the Gnomes.

Dwexit 4

Mekkatorque might decide to move it’s people out of dwarven territory, into the abandoned dwarven district in Stormwind for example. Knowing the Gnomes they might not want to leave Gnomeregan behind and one does not simply relocate an underground factory. A split among the Gnomes might be very plausible as well when a dwexit is executed

United by a common enemy

In the current circumstances on Azeroth it is very unlikely that a dwexit would happen. The great threat of the burning legion requires every race to team up together if they want to have a chance of defeating it. Still, this ‘what if’ dwexit illustrates that a break up in the Alliance would not only have military repercussions. When it would happen, my money is on a downfall of Ironforge caused by an ale draught in Ironforge.

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