First 15 minutes in: RymdResa

One day RymdResa turned up in my Steam Greenlight queue and I have been looking forward to play this game ever since. Last thursday it was released so I dived into deep poetic space immediately. While I am not ready to give a full review of the game yet, I wanted to share my experience of the first 15 minutes RymdResa.

“The Day You died
Watched it explode.
Watched it burn.
Observed. The. Explosion.
Observed. The. Fire,
(Thinking of you). “

A voice that sounds far from human but is too full of emotion to be robotic, tells this poem as my spaceship appears in the middle of the vast plains of space. An arrow points in the direction of a mission objective that I have to complete. From what I have seen of RymdResa I already decided that I want to make my poetic space journey as long as possible, so I head in the opposite direction of the arrow.


I burst through space at full power and while I am avoiding some giant space rock, I get a very alarming warning that I am running low on resources. By the time I figure it out what this resources nonsense is, my ship explodes and me and the screen goes blank.

My score is 1656, but I have no idea how I managed to get that. Since I did practically nothing, except burning fuel, I guess 1656 is not very high. Either way I am getting another chance at poetic space travelling and I decide to use as little fuel as possible this time. I fire up the engine and once I start drifting a little bit I take my foot of the spaceship gas and only use it to adjust my course. Unfortunately I am not very good at manoeuvring my ship yet and drift into another asteroid field to blow up once again.


In space school they probably teach you to give up if you destroyed two spaceships, but luckily I did not go there. I set off again, but this time I do follow the pointy quest arrow because free roaming is clearly not for rookies. Within minutes I reach the destination and after investigating the big space cloud the arrow is pointed at, I am rewarded with space points and resources. I have no idea what the points are good for yet, but I have learned the hard way that one can never have enough resources.


Confident by my recent success I sett off to the next goal my arrow points at. Slowly drifting of course. I reach my second year in space and the voice tells his poem about exploding and fire again. Just as he finishes his last line, I get dragged to a very hot planet which turns out to be a sun and I am burned alive. I check if I got points in irony for that, but the rpg system does not seem cover that ability.

Fourth time’s a charm right? I continue my strategy of drifting in the direction of the arrow and run into a cloud of blinky things. I carefully drift towards one blink and am very relieved to find it does not hurt me or my ship. Actually it gives me experience and while I race through the cloud I actually manage to level up. I get five pilot points to divide and figure I best invest them in survival, as I seem not to be top of the class in that field.


I come across a floating cogwheel that says ‘require 25 technology’, I realize too late that this thing is dragging me towards it with its gravity. I try to go the opposite way, but it is too strong. I have 7 resources left and I need at least 20 times that to get away from this thing. I decide I will just stay here, see this cogwheel as my final destination. My resting point after my drifting years.

At least I did not explode this time.

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