Gay parenting in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 can be played in many ways, but most people will at some point engage their Sims in some sort of romantic relationship with another Sim. This can be between a man and a woman but luckily gay relationships have been a viable option since the first Sims game as well.  Guest blogger Naomi looked at the developments of gay relationships in The Sims 4 and how gay parenting works.

Since The Sims gay sims could move in together, but could not marry. This changed somewhat in The Sims 2 when they could form a ‘joined union’. In The Sims 3 this was upgraded to an actual same-sex marriage and this has not changed for The Sims 4; same-sex couples can still marry. So no worries, your Sim can still be officially together with his or hers better half! But a Sims family is not really complete without an heir to continue the family line, so how does gay parenting work in The Sims 4?

Adoption as solution for your gay Sims

Just as in The Sims 3, same-sex couples can adopt children and in The Sims 4 this is done via the computer. This will generate a random kid for you to adopt. The downside of this is that the kid will not have any of your Sims genes and will not resemble their parents. However, just like in real life is it a great way to become a parent and definitely the most easy way for a gay Sims couple.

Gay Parenting 1

Mods for Gay Sims

If you want to have a child with the same genes as one of the parents, you can use mods to create a child with the genes of both parents. An example of such a mod is the ‘Babies For Everyone!’ mod. This mods allows lesbian, gay, elder, male and reverse pregnancy. However, this mod does not allow you to chose who gets pregnant, so if male pregnancy is not really your thing this might not be your best option.

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Cheats for Gay Sims

Then there still is the option of using cheats. When playing with your family you can open the cheat bar by typing: Ctrl + Shift + c for PC, or Command + Shift + c for MAC. In the cheat bar enter: testingcheats true, or if that does not work type: testingcheats on, this will enable you to enter cheats. Next type: cas.fulleditmode. Doing this enables the full modification of Sims in Create-A-Sim. This is also helpful for when your Sim became fat and is too lazy to workout everyday.

Gay Parenting

Back to the child making. You can now click on one of your Sims by holding shift while clicking on them. This will give you some options, from which you have to choose ‘Modify in CAS’. The option ‘add another Sim’ has been added to CAS and now you can make a child just as if you were starting a new game. By choosing ‘play with genetics’ the kid will resemble both parents or just one parent, since you can leave one parent ‘unknown’. This is also an option for singles that want children with their own genes.

Gay Sims Childeren

The downside is that your kid will start directly as a child, so you will have to skip the baby phase, but since the toddler phase is gone, who really cares about the baby phase, right? Anyway, it is the easiest method of giving your gay parent(s) a child of their own and does not require to mod your game . I hope this guide helps and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Have fun Simming!


  1. I have an adult who’s been married for about a sim week now and his aspiration is Big Happy Family. I’m waiting for him to get a whim to either adopt or have a baby with his husband, is there a chance he will?

    • you need to make them go on the computer and adopt someone… im not sure if its on the phone or computer

    • If you go into change Sim and go to part where it has male/female you can choose if you like to have that sim get person pregant or can get pregant. Then make one person to get pregant and other to get person pregant and then you will be able to try for a baby with same sex couples.

  2. Finally! Thank you for the help on this issue without having to install a mod. 🙂


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