Nostalgia: Scarface

I often think about games I played more than 5 years ago and and most of them are amazing in my memory. I always tell myself that they are probably not that amazing and it are just nostalgic feelings blurring my memory and that I should not play them again to keep it that way. I keep wondering though: what if they are in fact that good? What if I am missing out on some great gameplay because I am afraid of my own blurred memory? So I decided I must overcome this fear and just play these potentially still amazing games!  First up: ‘Scarface the world is yours’.

Playing this game on windows 7 or 8 is a bit of a hassle, just like Age of Empires II used to be. I managed to fix it, so if you have the same problem look here.

This game came out in 2006 and I remember it as an open-world like Grand Theft Auto, but with more drugs and money. It is of course not as good as GTA, but what is? I did play Scarface a lot though and this is strange since I hated the movie. The game begins where the Scarface movie ends, you have to shoot yourself a way out of your mansion against Sosa’s henchmen and because of Tony’s rage you survive. You have to live in a shack for three months, but then your back on your feet and ready for business. This is easier said than done, because you have lost everything you had including your Bengal Tiger and no one wants to do any business with you.

Back to basic

Luckily Tony Montana has quite the people skills and before they know it someone called Felix and mr. Sheffield are willing to help him. Felix has a few contacts and after gaining their trust you get to buy some snow from them, which you distribute to dealers on the street.  Tony can make deals in a mini-game which is not that special, but works fine. In just half an hour play-time I have enough money to buy a car with a driver and some weapons. I also buy my mansion back from Vice, who do not ask any questions about the money or my business because: “Guys like mr. Montana keep the economy nice and stable”.

It is time to buy a business which can function as a front for distribution, because mr. Montana is not going to sell drugs on the streets forever. Pedro’s Pawnshop is the first front you can buy after moving some hot goods for Perdro, who by the way really needs to button his shirt.  After some bigger drug deals and taking out some rival gangs Tony takes over a cigar-shop, movie theater and a warehouse. After these take-overs Little Havana and its drug traffic is under your control. Then you move on to the next part of town.


There is some kind of story, but its not a great one in my opinion.  You might think is that all the game is? well Tony asks himself the same thing; ” is this what it is all about? Killing, driving, dealing and cursing”. The answer is yes. These elements are the only ones this game has but are done right by Sierra. The shooting is easy and fun, the cars drive very unrealistic which makes you feel like an awesome driver and drugs dealing through the little mini-game is not bad either. Tony’s cursing only adds to that and makes your actions funnier, more bad-ass and sometimes a bit awkward.

The game feels to me like a combination between GTA Vice City and Monopoly and is overall still fun to play. The sunny Miami gives it a nice vibe, the same you get from Vice City or Dexter.  It  might have overrated it a little bit in my mind, but it is definitely a good game if you do not mind the absence of a decent story. Then again, the absence of a Scarface story might be why I like the game better than the movie.

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