Top 5 tips Stardew Valley

Life as a farmer isn’t easy and the first weeks in Stardew Valley can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to do: I haven’t even finished my review yet. I will leave discovering everything about Stardew Valley to you, but here are some tips to give your new life in the valley a head start.

1# Stay well rested in Stardew Valley

Pushing your little avatar to the limits to get as much work done during the day as possible seems like the smart thing to do, but is actually very inefficient.  You must look at your farmer as a very primary being that will not stop working until it passes out. Luckily the villagers care more about you than you do and will take your unconscious body to a safe and warm place and make sure you will be able to stand up the next morning; for a reasonable fee of course.

Sleeping in Stardew Valley

The money loss can have a great impact on your limited funds in the beginning of the game. More importantly: you might wake up less energized compared to a full night’s rest. This means you will have to go to bed after watering your plants instead of going fishing. And a day without fishing is not worth living.

2# Fishing

The fishing mini-game can be challenging, but is really simple when you know what to do and excelled at playing Flappy Bird.  If you do not, keep reading.

You reel in a fish by making sure that the green bar follows the little fish. This seems straight forward, but those darn fish can move very quickly and are often impossible to follow. What can help is not holding your mouse button, but move the green bar by clicking: very much like how you keep flappy bird going.

Fishing Stardew ValleyIf a chest appears you should only go for it if you feel confident that you can reel the fish in or you will lose both. Wait for meter to almost reach the top and go for the chest. It should give you enough time to unlock the treasure and get the green bar back to the fish.

#3 Save the sap and grass

Funds are limited at the beginning of the game, so you will want to sell anything you get. With most fish and harvested crops that is fine, but you might want to save the grass and sapp that seems trash at first.

Sap and grass in Stardew Valley

With sap you will be able to make fertilizer when you advance through the game. It will help you to produce better quality crops. The grass is needed for various crafting recipes, so you will want to save that too. If you need quick money, go fishing.

#4 Plan ahead

I invested a lot of my hard earned coins from the meagre harvest and fishing trips into new seeds that I planted near the end of the summer. My return investment on these crops would be several thousand golden coins. But then disaster struck.

Summer is coming

At the first day of summer all my crops were destroyed. I lost everything I had earned during the spring and had to start all over. This will happen with every season change, because crops can only grow in a specific season. So you definitely want to hold of turning all your gold into planting seeds near the end of a season, because they WILL be destroyed.

#5 Pick-up quests and finish them

In the city center of Pelican Town there is a board that has new quests for you almost every day. Some quests might be a bit difficult or random (like finding someone’s pants) but often they are doable. When you finish quests you will not only get you a nice sum of money and occasional seeds, but it will improve your relation with the villagers.


  1. #4 seems to be a misunderstanding… the earthquake is unrelated to the crop deaths. The game warns you that crops meant for a particular season (eg. spring) will die when it becomes another season (eg. summer). Thus, you have to plan your seed purchases as you have less time to grow your crops.


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