The first 15 minutes in: Lego Worlds

There were rumours about a new Lego game that would draw inspiration from Minecraft. A Minecraft – Lego game always seemed like the inevitable, the question was just when would it happen. Well the first of June apparently. The early access of Lego Worlds is live on Steam since then and you can get in on it for €14,99. I dived into this very early version of Lego Worlds and this is what I experienced in the first 15 minutes.


After I choose a randomly generated world I was dropped into the world from the sky. While desperately searching for the parachute key the Lego ground came closer and closer. Only just before my Lego figurine hit the ground, it slowed down and landed on its two legs.

After I recovered from my impending death, my Minecraft instincts awoke and I started punching trees. Nothing. A bug maybe? I tried another one, but that one did not work either. I got lucky when I accidentally walked into a bush and bunch of coins rolled out. These coins are pretty much in every Lego game, so that was not much of a surprise. In Lego Worlds however, they actually have a purpose other than measuring your score. You can buy all kinds of props and figurines with it, if you have unlocked them. I only had the bush I just ran into unlocked, so I bought it and placed it next to the already existing bush. This landscaping was pretty exciting.

LW 1

I figured that running into things unlocks them, so I ventured further into the world and found that pretty much anything you punch or run into will become available for purchase. Except for the trees. Soon I had three kind of bushes, a couple of flowers and a tree trunk to place in the world. While I was spamming these props around me, a native of the Lego world approached me. She was pretty much all yellow and had a bone through her hair.  Could I unlock her to? I hesitated running into her, because my mother always told me that people with bones in their outfit are not to be trusted.

The naked Lego figurine started running away from me as soon as she saw me, so I figured that she was probably more scared of me than I was of her. I started following her and when I caught up a wonky cinematic started playing. The camera twirled around us and the naked Lego lady and my own figurine looked awkwardly at each other. After this re-enactment of one of those dating shows on MTV, I unlocked the naked lady and was able to use her outfit, hair and even her face. It would probably scare her again if she saw a complete replica of herself, so I kept my own handsome explorers look.

LW 3

Before I could pursue here my attention was drawn to a very big brown bear. I was not sure what my mothers policy is on bears, but I decided to punch it. The Lego bear did not fancy that and started howling or growling. (the sounds definitely need some work) I punched it again and the bear disassembled into Lego pieces. I got a message that I unlocked this bear and while I was a bit reluctant to spawn bears into the world, I figured I could just punch it again if it got agitated.

I spawned it, but instead of punching it,  I pressed the wrong key and suddenly my figurine hopped on the bears back. Punching trees was a problem, but riding bears is just everyday business. I drove my bear up a mountain and looked at the setting sun, it was a true Lego Putin moment.

LW 2

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