The Veteran Challenge #1

The void between World of Warcraft expansions can be long and since playing WoW is not exactly free, this means I do not play the game for almost a year. However, you can play WoW for free through the veteran account status. I am going to try this free to play part of WoW, in my Veteran Challenge. In part #1: Character creation, mail and heirlooms.

Any WoW player who has paid for the game at a certain point can play up to level 20 with any class or race. There are no restrictions when creating a new character, except for the Death Knight class that starts at level 55. For this challenge I chose a Night Elf Druid, that I plan on playing into the new expansion when it arrives. The new feral models in Legion might have something to do with that

While character creation isn’t limited, a lot of other things are. The first noticeable restriction was mail. Apparently my new Night Elf Druid has friends from a previous life, because she had mail as soon as she spawned on the great world tree of Teldrassil. As a veteran you are not able to read your mail until you activate a subscription. Not cool, because I always read and answer my mail within 20 minutes.

* If you are the one who sent me mail: I am sorry for not responding, I assure you that I am still a decent human being and will get back you when Legion hits the servers.

Veteran challenge 1-2

Moving on. The big advantage you have over starter-editions is the fact that you possibly have heirlooms unlocked by your other characters. If this is the case you can use them just as you would on new characters on a subscription. However, for this challenge I will not use them, because I want to prolong the amount of game play I get until hitting level 20. Also collecting weapons and gear on my own is more fun in my opinion.

Veteran challenge 1-3

In the next part Glathel will go out questing and look for possible human interaction.

Part 2

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