The Veteran Challenge #2

The void between World of Warcraft expansions is a long bitter darkness and since playing WoW is not exactly free, I do not play the game for almost a year. However, you can play WoW for free through the veteran account status, so I am trying to enjoy myself in this free to play part of WoW. In part #2 of my Veteran Challenge: questing, chasing owls and the Darkmoon Faire.

Playing WoW on veteran status is not as adictive as playing as subscriber so far. I am a bit hesitant in levelling with my Druid and have to really sit down to advance with my veteran challenge, also because there are so many other things I want to play at the moment. I did manage to play for about three hours last week and I advanced to level 10.

In the previous post I told you that I would not be using Heirlooms, to get as much out of the levelling experience up until level 20 as possible. I tried the same approach with questing, by reading the actual quests for a change. Maybe you already read the quests, but I only read the ‘accept quest’ button when levelling. It is some getting used to, but it is actually more fun to quest this way.

Veteran challenge 2-1

It is difficult to keep up reading al the quests text, because force of habit made me click through many of them before I remembered I was supposed to read the quest. After an hour or two I got used to it though and I feel confident that I will be able to do a special blog on questing, in the near future.

Chasing the owl
When reading al those quests one might forget that not all is accessible to the veteran free-loader. Teldrassil has somewhat of an owl over-population, including very nice owl-pets. They fly up high as soon as you get close and are hard to catch. At least that is what I thought.

The owls do fly away but a simple click when standing right beneath them will trigger a pet battle. That is if you are a subscriber, because pet battles are of limits for non-subscribers. That is a bit of a let down, because I planned on doing a lot of pet battles and related quests during the challenge.

Veteran challenge 2-2

Darkmoon Faire
Lucky not all trivial elements are for subscribers only; the Darkmoon Faire is accessible in al its mysterious glory. The game tokens are only a few coppers, which makes it affordable to do all the mini-games of the event. I say affordable, because you will find yourself with very limited funds without acces to the auction house or the fat bankaccounts of your alts.

I shot my Druid from a cannon, wacked some gnolls and danced at a concert of Elite Tauren Chieftain. It was a good day.

Veteran challenge 2-3

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