The Veteran Challenge #3

The void between World of Warcraft expansions is a long bitter darkness and since playing WoW is not exactly free, I do not play the game for almost a year. However, you can play WoW for free through the veteran account status, so I am trying to enjoy myself in this free to play part of WoW. In part #3 of my Veteran Challenge: Dungeons, Battlegrounds and consumerism.

I reached level 15 this week and was therefore eligible for some Azerothian dungeoneering. I ventured into the depths of the Dead Mines and past the hot lava pits of Ragefire Chasm. Which were both a total bore.

Veteran challenge 3-3

Yes I got some nice gear, yes I gained 4 levels within half an hour, but there was really no fun in it. I forgot that since Dungeon Finder people no longer talk to eachtother during dungeons and “just wanna get it over with to get to level 100”. Unless I am going to find some socially able people, I will probably stop doing dungeons while on veteran status and just quest for myself.

I had a far better experience in the Battlegrounds. Yes people bitch there too, but at least I could unleash my frustration upon orcs and goblins. Battlegrounds have been the first thing I have experienced so far that I could see myself doing on veteran status for a longer period of time. One can login and play a couple of matches and move on to something else.

Veteran challenge 3-4

Also, now that your level gets scaled to 19/29/39 etc. You will not have to level cap your character at 19. This means you can enjoy the next bracket of Battlegrounds as much as you like, without paying any subscription fees. I am even thinking about levelling a rogue just for this purpose.

Confronting my consumerism
I already mentioned the Auction House in my second post, but I have to emphasize how much I miss this feature of WoW: not just playing the in-game markets, but also the comfort of my gold. My elf cannot amass the riches she deserves or even buy the most simple practical stuff like larger bags. At level 14 Glathel had not even one gold to her name, in other words: I am poor.

Veteran challenge 3-2

I cannot go mount shopping, save up for my pension, buy pets that I cannot use or buy shiny transmogrify weapons. And even if I would be able to gather the money for any of it, I cannot use the Auction House to buy it. I might as well spend my little silvers on ale to satisfy my consumerism.

In the next part I will overcome my mental poverty and advance to level 20. 

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