The Veteran Challenge #4

The void between World of Warcraft expansions is a long bitter darkness and since playing WoW is not exactly free, I do not play the game for almost a year. However, you can play WoW for free through the veteran account status, so I am trying to enjoy myself in this free to play part of WoW. In part #4 of my Veteran Challenge: Max level and the end game on veteran status.

After 13 hours slowly levelling, Glathel dinged level 20. I can now ride my mounts and do a couple of extra dungeons. Completing zones and taking it easy without using heirlooms while levelling is definitely recommendable and if you can motivate yourself to read the quest text it wil be even more fun.

End game
Now that I am max level en gold capped. That’s right, poor Glathel is gold capped, because you are not allowed to carry more than 10 gold on your person on veteran status. So saving up gold for when I become a subscriber again is not an option, what is there left to do?

Mainly battlegrounds, although the queues are long in the 20-29 bracket. Your level gets boosted to 29 when entering a BG you can compete in this bracket as a lvl 20 character, so you do not have to worry about being able to compete with higher levels in this bracket.

Veteran challenge 4-2

Another option is running dungeons, to collect the druid of the fang set for example. Other players are not there to have fun though, but to level up. This means you will hit a social barrier every time you will engage in small talk – or any talk for that matter – while in a dungeon.

Thou shall subscribe
The only activity I found myself having fun is completing other zones. You won’t get much out of it except for an achievement and the journey itself of course. This is not a long term plan though and therefore I must come to the conclusion that playing on veteran status isn’t that fun. It does exactly what Blizzard wants it to do: make you wanna become a subscriber again.

Veteran challenge 4-3

Part 3

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