Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 1

1. The road ahead is empty

Sundas 17th of the last seed

Everything hurts, at least I suppose it does since being left for death doesn’t sound very pleasing. Apparently this is his best alternative to being almost beheaded and eaten by Alduin. The only thing he can remember is his name; Poppo.

Poppo left for death

This is him, as simple Nord without scars and war paint. Warpaint is for warmongers, forsworn and Aela. Not for Poppo. He also has no memory of who he is or how he got here. (Which makes his background story really easy, there is none) His hands are bound, but luckily not that tight and he frees himself pretty quickly. I decide that the next step in Poppo’s non-adventure should be finding some form of civilization.

I am surrounded by small ponds of hot water and geysers, so I won’t have to worry about freezing to death at the moment. I head south and soon enough I see the first life form! It is wearing a robe and I hope it will not be a necromancer or enemy of some sort. When I get within hearing distance he turns around and I see it is a cat! Or the more political correct term; one of them Khajiits.

M'aiq the liar

His name is M’aiq the Liar. Not a very reassuring name, but you don’t judge a book by its title, or cover, I don’t know. He tells me an interesting story about walking. He can walk very well and can get to places very fast! Without using carriages of course, he believes those are for lazy people. I doubt his statement, mainly because of his name, but decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and just go walking. I also kind of have to since there is no carriage in sight, or a road for that matter.

I say goodbye to M’aiq and continue my search for civilization.I spot some ruins and decide to check it out. The place is scattered with bones and complete skeletons, good thing skeletons are dead.

Dead man walking

Look who is walking all of a sudden! There are two things I can let Poppo do, run for it or check out his punch. I decide t fight and Poppo balls his fists, I mean how strong can a pile of bones be? Turns out Poppo has a mean punch, because after hitting his first enemy a few times it falls apart into a pile of bones.

I take the skeleton’s axe and quickly leave the ruins, before more bones decide to come to life. Poppo is a bit hungry from al the punching, so I check his inventory. Two apples! Poppo eats them both.

I proceed further south and after a while I see a pond with a huge mammoth in it, lucky for Poppo it is dead. However his owner is not! I try to sneak around the giant and succeed! He seems to be pretty occupied with mourning over his hairy friend.

A giant and his mammoth

When I carefully walk away from the giant while keeping an eye on him, I step on a road! I brought Poppo to civilization, Hurray! Or maybe not, because the road ahead is empty.


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