Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 4

4. Northwind Summit

19th of Last Seed

Poppo wakes up at 6am in the Brainwood inn. Since he has only a couple of gold pieces left, because of the expensive food and his excessive drinking, I decide he has to work in the mine again. He eats an apple pie for breakfast and then off to Steamscorch mine with him. Poppo still has Gemma’s pickaxe and Poppo starts digging right away. He mines various ore vines and I also let him pick every mushroom that is growing in the mine, since no one seems to be interested in them. Poppo mines until there is no ore left. He dug up 15 malachite ores, so lets hope Kjeld still pays as good as yesterday.

Steamscorch mining

450 gold! Well it seems the ores are worth less than yesterday, but 450 gold is still a decent sum. Since the mine is empty for now, Poppo has to take his business elsweyr. It is only one in the afternoon, so I should still be able to get Poppo somewhere preferably warmer than where he is now. Poppo buys some horker meat for the road from Iddra and says goodbye to Roggi ,who is already drinking.

The air is bone chilling when Poppo leaves Kynesgrove, but after an hour of walking south it already gets a little bit less cold. Still, Poppo’s clothes do not really protect him from this weather and after 2 hours walking he is freezing. Around 4pm the sun breaks through and the sun warms Poppo cold limbs a bit, going south might have been a good decision after all.

Poppo going down south

I run into Talsgar the Wander. I let Poppo talk to him for a bit. He offers to play a song of my choice for 25 gold. That is a bit steep so I ask him for speech craft lessons. I does not offer those, but the bard college does. Then why bring it up?! I am getting annoyed with Talsgar and promise myself to never let Poppo become a bard.

Poppo continues into a warmer area where hot air actually comes up to cracks in the ground. It might be getting warmer, but it is also getting a little bit darker. Maybe leaving Kynesgrove in the middle of the day was not such a good idea. Then I hear howling and I turn Poppo around, in front of him is a pack of wolves. The first one charges and Poppo beats it down to the ground with one power swing of his axe. The second one is already on his back and I quickly let Poppo take a few quick swings at him. Now there is only one left, but it hesitates which gives Poppo the chance to catch his breath. When the third wolf charges, Poppo is ready for him and hits him hard which kills the wolf instantly.


I let Poppo continue his journey after getting the pelts of the wolves. I see a farmer, he tells me he is going to Windhelm to join the Stormcloaks. He is dissatisfied with the empire because they banned the worshiping of Talos. Luckily Poppo is without religion as far as I know, so no civil warfare for him. I let Poppo walk further in the now desperate pursuit of shelter.

Poppo runs into two more wolves but dispatches them swiftly. Poppo’s one-handed skill actually goes up from all the wolf slaying. It’s now 10pm and really dark and cold. I pass a side road which seems to lead up to something, so I decide that Poppo should check it out. The road is longer than I expected and when I am about to turn Poppo around I see a mine! That could be a good shelter, or a potential adventure. Since staying outside will probably freeze Poppo too death, I let him enter.

Sneaky Sneaken

He sneaks inside with his axe drawn, but the mine seems deserted. The mine is really dark and because of that I notice 2 skeletons only after they have noticed Poppo. One is fairly close and immediately charges at Poppo. It is a good thing he already had his axe drawn, because Poppo manages to block the skeleton’s first attack. When the skeleton is about to attack again Poppo takes a quick swing and reduces the skeleton to a pile of bones. Meanwhile a second skeleton is taking shots at Poppo with a bow and arrows from up high in the mine. I let Poppo hide behind some rocks. He is out of sight now but the skeleton comes looking for him. The skeleton runs past Poppo and Poppo ambushes him from his hiding place. Poppo retrieves the bow and arrows from the pile of bones, which will help to take out danger from a safer distance.

I search the mine with Poppo, but there is no bedroll to be found. There is however a pick axe which it’s owner is not going to use anymore. Poppo reaches the top of the mine, but still no place to sleep there is however a door. I do not like sending out Poppo out in the open again, but since the mine has nothing to offer, he kind of has to.

Dead miners

Outside Poppo finds himself on a mountaintop with a few huts and some weird wall. Then I spot three skeletons, this time before they see Poppo. I decide to test Poppo’s new bow and take a shot at the first one. The Skeleton falls down into shambles, but now the other two have seen me and there is no rock to hide behind. Poppo shoots at the skeleton that is shooting at him as well. Poppo has to dodge one of his arrows which makes him miss his shot. The second arrow does hit its mark. The third skeleton is really close now and is about to take a swing. Poppo manages to draw the string of the bow halfway and hits. It is not enough to kill the skeleton but staggers it a little and Poppo slams it’s skull with his bow.

Northwind Summit, which is the name of this mountaintop, is once again quiet. Well not really, I hear singing. It’s the weird wall, it’s calling out to Poppo or something. I think Poppo has had more than enough adventure for to day, or the rest of his common life for that matter, so he stays a safe distance from the wall. I do however let Poppo loot the chest that lies next to it which contains 80 gold. I check out the huts and find one that is not that bad. It does not have that many holes and more importantly it has a bedroll! It is very cold on this mountaintop so those few planks are not going to keep Poppo warm through the night. Poppo gathers some wood from a couple of trees nearby and he gets a fire started near the hut. It’s 2am when Poppo can finally go to sleep.

Poppo the Hutt

The sun is already up high when Poppo wakes up, the bedroll near the fire nearby was actually not that bad. Since it is already to late to travel any further south, I decide Poppo should stay one more day at Northwind Summit. Poppo brunches with some horker meat and water and starts gathering wood. It’s 3pm when he has enough firewood for the night. Since Poppo found a pick axe I let him mine some iron ores from the mine. When all ores are depleted and he returns to the hut, it’s already dark and I put Poppo to bed early. Hopefully the next part of his journey will be less adventurous.

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