Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 8

8. Rockjoint

23rd of Last Seed

Poppo wakes up early, because he wants to travel with the Alik’r too Whiterun but it seems they have left already. That is not his biggest problem though. It seems the Rockjoint he contracted from the wolf bite has become worse and he is now really ill. He can only walk very slow and is constantly out of breath. In other words: he is in no condition to travel further. He needs to find a cure soon or Ivarstead may become his final resting place.

Poppo goes looking for a merchant who can sell him a cure disease potion, but no one except Wilhelm sells anything and Wilhelm only sells food and illegal mead. Maybe it’s time for Poppo to become religious and turn to the gods for a cure. The problem is that the people of Ivarstead are a irreligious bunch who only concern themselves with farming, quite a common life actually.  But Poppo has no time to envy these common people as long he is deadly ill.;

Since Poppo cannot leave Ivarstead because he is to weak to face any danger, or lets just say: weaker than usual, he desperately searches the buildings in Ivarstead for a potion.  There are no potions to be found in the Inn or Klimmek’s house, but when Poppo searches a chest in Fellstar Farm he finds one. Without even thinking he gets it out of the chest but he is caught red handed by Boti who calls a guard. Apparently this guard was expecting that Poppo would steal, because he is there in less than two seconds.

Poppo in Jail

Poppo is arrested and blacks out. When he wakes-up he is in a cell and wearing rags. He is still ill and since a common man does not jailbreak he lies down on the bed, which is surprisingly comfortable for a jail.  After two nights in the joint Poppo is released. It’s already late so Poppo has to hurry if he wants to buy a cure disease potion before the shops close. Elgrim’s store is still open and he has three potions in stock. Even though they are 208 Septims a piece, Poppo buys two of them so he will not end up ill in jail again.  He cures his Rockjoint and now it is time to rest and heal, luckily the Bee and Barb still has a room for rent.

The next two days Poppo rests and eats to get his strength back. When he is ready to hit the road out of Riften for the second time, he is scared. It is really dangerous out there so maybe he should look for someone with whom he can travel, like the Alik’r warriors. Marcurio downstairs in the Bee and Barb is offering his services for 500 Septims, but that is a little bit out of Poppo’s price range.


Since he is not willing to travel the road too Whiterun without protection he decides to take the carriage. Mai’q will probably judge him but Poppo is just not ready to die yet. So Poppo meets with Sigaar who can bring him to Whiterun for 50 Septims. It’s a deal and about  eight hours later Poppo stands before the gates of Whiterun. Hopefully he will have no near death experiences, jail time or adventures here and maybe he will find a nice job. Although that might be difficult for an ex-convict.

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