Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 6

6. Down the wrong path


21st of  the Last Seed

Poppo wakes up after a decent 12 hour sleep after his abundant drinking the night before. He goes down to the common room of The Bee and Barb and eats some goat cheese and bread for breakfast. Then he remembers Haelga, the pretty lady to whom he unsuccessfully came on too. Poppo would give anything to see her again, even though she was clearly not into Poppo. However, it’s time to go out and see if Poppo can find a job or something, because he is not going to last long with only 700 gold.

Poppo walks into the  market square where he is approached by a fellow named Brynjolf, who tells Poppo that he did not earn his money honestly. Well he clearly has not read Poppo’s story, because he has earned everything he owns by working in the mine. Except for the boots, those he took from a dead Khajiit. Brynjolf is still convinced that Poppo is someone with low moral values and tells him he should partake in some kind of scheme in the market square. Although Brynjolf comes across as a kind person, (not like Maul) Poppo passes on his offer.


Brynjolf with his shady offer

Poppo visists Balimund, the smith in Riften. Balimund needs fire salts for his forge and asks if Poppo can get them for him. This is yet another quest that is thrown at Poppo. However, since it does not involve killing some bandit leader or going into any scary caves, Poppo accepts to find the fire salts for Balimund. If Poppo comes across some salts it cannot hurt to give them to Balimund.

From the pelts Poppo has acquired he makes leather and leather-strips at the tanning rack, he also takes te liberty to use Balimund’s forge for a bit, whom in the prospect of getting genuine fire salts probably won’t mind. From the leather Poppo crafts some armor to protect himself against future wolves. With his leather armor he almost looks like a real adventurer, almost.

Poppo in leather

Men in leather are always better

But what is next? Right, Poppo should find a job. Well actually he has a better idea: find that pretty lady Haelga from the night before. She mentioned something about a bunkhouse so Poppo goes looking for it. Soon enough he has found the establishment and finds Haelga inside behind a counter. She is just as rude as yesterday but slightly uglier, probably the liquor’s doing. Haelga tells Poppo he is in the wrong place and that the Bunkhouse is only for working men, not luxury tourists. Well actually he is a working man! If she would have seen Poppo wielding his pickaxe, she would be all over him right now.

Poppo notices another person in the Bunkhouse, it’s Svana Far-shield who is sweeping. She tells Poppo that Haelga is actually a wretched woman, well Poppo is starting to believe that. Apparently Haelga makes Svana work unreasonable hours and is a real slave driver. Not only that, she also sleeps with a lot of men, at least three in the last month, who does that?!  Poppo is starting to think that even he should be able to score with Haelga, but realizes that he should probably look for real love.

Svana Far-shield

Svana Far-shield

He quickly leaves the Bunkhouse before he will change is mind and will do something, or actually someone, he will regret. Maybe he should focus on just mead for now and see where the fine liquid is being made. He goes to the Black Briar meadery and speaks with Ungrien who works there.

Ungrien is really happy with his job and tells Poppo that is boss, Maven Black Briar, is really nice and he is glad to be working for her. This actually sounds pretty good, selling mead like  Ungrien and have a nice boss like Maven! Poppo does not think twice this time and goes looking for Maven to ask if she has any job openings.

Maven Black Briar

Maven Black Briar

Poppo greets Maven who looks not amused. She asks Poppo who he thinks he is by just talking to her and wasting her time! Maybe she has a bad day or something because she is nothing like Ungrien described. Maven continues talking down to Poppo and threatens to have him killed if he does not leave her alone! Poppo quickly leaves here presence, that is one scary lady. Poppo starts to think Riften might not be the right place for him, people are shady, mean and, like always, throwing quests at him. Certainly not a place for a milkdrinker.

Its getting late already and Poppo hangs around in The Bee and Barb for a bit. Romlyn enters the Inn and Poppo starts talking to him and asks him if he has any more cheap mead. Luckily he has, but before Poppo can start drinking Romlyn has a proposal for Poppo. He has a whole keg of Black Briar mead and it needs to be delivered to the inn in Ivarstead. Well that’s not a bad proposal, it gives Poppo a reason to leave Riften and he can make some money!  Poppo accepts and Romlyn tells him to keep this quiet, Poppo is not sure what he means by that but he thinks it might be better to ask to many questions.

Poppo just drinks one bottle of Black Briar mead, because tomorrow he will get up early and travel to Ivar Stead.

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