Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 9

9. The hunt begins

27th of Last Seed

It is getting dark when Poppo is approaching the gates of Whiterun. Guards are patrolling the wall and the whole path up to the city is fortified, looks like they are expecting war. The guard at the gate stops Poppo and says he cannot enter because there are dragons about. Poppo might seem an odd fellow but he is certainly no dragon. After some persuasion the guard sees that Poppo is just a milkdrinker who means no harm to the people of Whiterun and lets him through.

Even though Poppo came by carriage, he is tired and hungry from the ride so he needs to find an Inn. The first sign of such a establishment is the the Drunken Huntsman. Inside Poppo finds Elrindir who has nearly anything for sale, but he has no beds for rent. For a warm feathered bed he refers Poppo too The Bannered Mare near the market.

Lucia in Whiterun

On his way too the market Poppo runs into a little girl named Lucia. Although it’s 11pm she is walking the streets of Whiterun alone. Apparently the people of Whiterun feel so safe within their walls, that they let children run through the streets at midnight. Lucia all alone and asks Poppo if he can adopt her. Well Poppo cannot really take care of himself, so Lucia is better off without him as a father. Poppo gives Lucia a coin for some food and enters the Bannered Mare.

The Inn is quite crowded, people are talking, drinking and the bard plays a song about dragons. Poppo sits down at the last empty bar-stool. The waitress Saadia approaches him and offers him drinks and food. Poppo orders water and some cooked beef and listens to innkeeper Hulda, who insist on telling her life story while he eats. After he is done he considers ordering some nice mead, but if he wants to earn some money tomorrow he better not. Even though Poppo stays sober it’s past midnight when he can finally get a word between Hulda’s very long story and can excuses himself to his rented room. The room is very nice, it has a balcony from which Poppo has a nice overview of the crowd downstairs. It is hours past midnight when the Inn finally becomes quiet, but Poppo does not notice since he fell asleep as soon his head touched the pillow.

28th of Last Seed

When Poppo wakes up it is almost noon. He quickly goes downstairs to see if Saadia has some breakfast left, or maybe some early lunch. The Inn is almost empty except for Saadia, Hulda and a very big woman whom begins to speak to Poppo when she sees. Her name is somewhat manly; Uthgerd the Unbroken. She puts down her cup which probably contains some kind of alcoholic beverage and challenges Poppo to a fist fight. He asks her if he can take a rain check and hurries into the kitchen before she can decline.

Uthgerd the unbroken

Saadia is cooking and has a freshly baked apple pie for Poppo.  It might be because of the apple pie –a man’s love goes through his stomach– or he was just to tired yesterday to notice that Saadia is actually very pretty. She has a serious look but she is as beautiful as a princess. On that thought Poppo thinks he should go looking for work, because the last time he got carried away over a woman she turned out to be the town whore and you never know what kind of secrets Saadia might have.

Outside the market is buzzing with people who are selling all kinds of wares. Poppo looks around while thinking about being a merchant, when he bumps into Sigurd. Poppo Apologizes but Sigurd just tells him he works for Belethor at the general goods store, well that is …. useful information? Before Poppo can continue, Sigurd tells him again that he works for Belethor at the general goods store. Poppo suspects that Sigurd might be simple, poor lad.

At the end of the street Poppo sees the smith having an argument with a man in armour. He asks her for an amount of iron she cannot meet. Sounds like she could use some help! When she is done talking with the man, Poppo walks up to her and offers his services.  Adrianne is happy with his help and she lets Poppo craft a dagger. After he has sharpened it she is satisfied and Poppo gets to craft more items. After a while she thinks he has learned enough and he should craft stuff himself but on his own risk so he must pay for the materials, which are quite expensive. After crafting several daggers and leather items he lost 300 gold. He must make better items soon or find cheaper materials. Otherwise there will be no apple pie for him tomorrow.

Arrianne and her new aprentice

Since Poppo needs more materials to get better at smiting he decides to go looking for materials. Around Whiterun there are area’s where you can spot  lots of deer and other animals with valuable skin, so Poppo goes hunting.  Which is easier said than done because everything Poppo tries to shoot is way faster than he is. It is still easier than hunting women though. When he is on top of a hill catching his breath from running after a deer he notices a glimmering to his left. It is an Corundum ore vein! Those ores will be useful for his smithing career. After mining some ores Poppo also manages to kill some deer and a couple of wolves.

Poppo and Cicero

When the sun is closing in on the horizon Poppo has made a circle around Whiterun and he is on the road back to town.While Poppo is strolling he spots a wagon with a odd looking fellow next to it. Cicero is his name and he needs help with his broken wagon. The farmer who lives nearby the spot where Poppo found Cicero does not want to help the poor jester. Poppo will talk to him and try to persuade him. People in Skyrim should help each other in Poppo’s opinion, except when helping means killing anything larger than a rat or doing something else that is dangerous. When he walks up the road to the farm three men in full-body armor block is path. They are here to teach Poppo a lesson..

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