Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 2

2. A milkdrinker’s mother

Poppo has stumbled upon a road and continues his search for civilization. I start walking up north, because the road south seems to lead into the mountains. After two full game hours I have not encountered anything yet, this is boring. I already regret my idea about slow-walking everywhere with Poppo. Then I hear some loud footsteps from behind some trees. I walk towards them and the sound gets louder, those can’t be footsteps? No! Trampling Mammoths, I quickly let Poppo sneak behind a tree. Luckily the mammoths take little interest in Poppo and I see them running towards their camp.

Trampled Khajitts

In front of their camp there is a broken abandoned wagon, with a dead horse next to it. I let Poppo sneak closer and see a dead Khajiit lying near the wagon. Seems that the mammoths took an interest in him. I take his boots and some clothes from his chest. Those might help to keep Poppo a bit warmer. I also find some books and 4 gold! The beginning of Poppo’s fortune. I walk away from the dead cat and continue Poppo’s journey. Another hour passes before I spot a person, the first one that is alive after speaking wit M’aiq.

I forget my slow-walking rule and let Poppo take a sprint on his new hide boots. When Poppo comes closer the life form turns around, it’s a lady! Not a very pretty one, but all that Poppo wants from a woman at this point is directions.

Non attractive Nord woman

She is missing one of her pupils, but that would probably not be a very good conversation starter. She asks me what a milkdrinker like me is doing out here, I think about letting Poppo say something smart back. However she might get real angry and start swinging that mace of her around, so I decide it might be best to let Poppo look for somebody else. Poppo strolls away and the Nord yells after Poppo that he should go back to his mother, well if i knew who or where she was he probably would.

I walk for another hour and it is getting dark and pretty cold, Poppo’s new boots are not as warm as they look. Then I see a dim light through the trees, it’s a house. Poppo is saved!

The Brainwood-Inn

It is 8 pm when I arrive at the Brainwood inn and I hope it has some food and a warm bed for Poppo. I enter the inn after passing a guard, who tells me about some dragon attacking a town. I know Poppo is in some trouble, but that sounds really bad.  Iddra the innkeeper greets me and asks me to stick around for a bit, that’s good for business. I agree! So I decide to spend the 4 gold I got from the dead cat all at once. Iddra is not as nice as she seems, because she drives a really hard bargain. I can only buy one apple with my 4 gold. Well maybe some sleep then, I ask Iddra for a bed. “No gold no bed!” It appears Iddra’s kindness only comes with coin.

I let Poppo wander around the inn, not knowing what to do. I sit him down next to a man named Roggi Knot-Beard. Roggi starts talking, he is a mead expert! He tells me he studied mead and that the best mead comes from Riften. Sounds like Roggi has been enjoying the “University of Life” a little bit to much. I understand Roggi will not be of much help until Poppo has enough gold to take up drinking, so I leave Roggi be.

Poppo and Roggi

Poppo is outside again in the cold, lets see if Kynesgrove has more to offer than an expensive inn. I find a fellow named Kjeld sitting by a campfire. He tells me he will pay me for all the ores Poppo can dig up from the mine. Well if he gives Poppo a bed I will dig up all the ores he needs, first thing in the morning. I notice some tents behind Kjeld and I see that they are empty! Since there are enough for me and Kjeld, I decide that Poppo can go for a quick nap in there, probably dreaming about mead from Riften and sweetrolls.

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