Story of a milkdrinker: Chapter 3

3. Kynesgrovians

Morndas 18th of Last Seed

Poppo wakes up at 6am and is starving. Since he still has no money, he eats his last apple and I decide he should talk with Kjeld about some work in the mines.

Kjeld is sitting by the campfire like he never left and I ask him if he has any work for Poppo. He gives Poppo a letter that the Jarl’s men dropped by. Poppo has to kill some bandit leader. Well that sounds very dangerous and an awful lot like a quest. Luckily the offer from Kjeld to pay for all the ores Poppo can dig up still stands. So it’s off to the mines!


Walking into the Steamscorch mine I realize Poppo does not have a pickaxe. Since this is a mine, you would expect those to be all over the place but that is not the case. I wander through the mine but here is not one abandoned pickaxe to be found. It’s now 9am and Poppo has not  dug up a single ore. When I am about to give up I see one lying under a table next to a lady called Gemma.

She seems to be having a break and when Poppo gets near her she begins a story about how her wood chopping business is a failure. Seems like she is a lumberjack and won’t be needing this pickaxe for now so I decide to let Poppo borrow it. I wander of into the mine and leave Gemma jabbering about her miserable life and apparently ‘stupid’ sister.

It’s time for some serious mining. I let Poppo mine 3 ore deposits, which contain three ores and 2 garnets. Since Poppo is still starving I decide he gets to have his lunch break early. Poppo strolls over to Kjeld and sells his orese for 180 gold! That should be a lot of apples. He does not want the garnets but maybe Iddra is interested in them.  Poppo goes back to the Inn and I let him buy an apple pie, 2 chickens breasts, wine and a sweet roll. I also let Poppo buy some famous Honningbrew mead.

I have 31 gold left. Ouch, food is expensive in Skyrim. I eat the pie, one chicken breast and drink some wine. I decide Poppo gets the afternoon off. Just like Roggi who is still hanging around the inn, I doubt he has gone to work at all. I sit Poppo down next to him and he starts talking about mead again. Although he is the only Kynesgrovian who isn’t throwing quests at Poppo or nagging about something, he is kind of boring.

I rent the room in the Brainwood inn for 10 gold, so Poppo will have a warm bed tonight. Iddra shows me to my room, it’s very basic but has all that Poppo needs. The room also has a book! ‘Songs of Skyrim’. I decide to read it, because that’s probably more interesting than listening to  Roggi all afternoon (no offence bro).

Songs of Skyrim

There are some interesting songs in the book. It appears that Skryrim is pretty messed up because of Mathilda and some Ulfric dude and apparently this so called “dragonborn” will have to fix it all. Sounds troublesome, luckily Poppo only has to worry about staying warm and fed. Speaking of which, I decide it’s time to let him drink some of that famous Honningbrew mead Roggi has been talking about.

Seems like it is the good stuff because it goes straight to Poppo’s head. He tries to stand up but falls down on the floor and the whole room seems blurry. Everything goes black and Poppo wakes up 4 hours later. The inn is full of people by now, so that’s pretty embarrassing. I try to get Poppo back to his room, but he manages to fall down 3 times before reaching his bed. That’s quite enough adventure for one day..

Poppo is drunk

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