Three days later

Sundas the 21th of Morning Star,

The Citadel of Gaersley.

Hurray! I think I managed to slay the werewolf. It’s too bad my visual memory cannot be put into words, they will fade away with time. It’s a shame that the one who finds this journal after my death won’t be able to see my confrontation with the werewolf, or the rising sun when I’m travelling, or a beautiful smiling lady in the city of Daggerfall. I did manage to make a sketch of the Citadel of Gaersley as you can see. Now, three days later, I’m back in the great city of Daggerfall to collect my reward.

The Fighters Guild Tower.

Though when I entered the city, a messenger gave me a letter from Lady Magnessen, the Emperor’s agent in the court of Daggerfall, saying I have to meet her in The Black Ogre in Holwych to discuss the Emperor’s mission. Even though this is probably a very important matter, I don’t think I’ll be able to travel such long distances yet, with my strained ankle and all.

The Fighters Guild and laziness.

After that, I went to the Fighters Guild tower, as you can see in the drawing. The tower is not that big but that’s not a problem as, in the end, it’s surrounded by the walls of the great city of Daggerfall. So, in order to collect my reward, I have to get inside but what happens? The door is locked! How is that possible? Well, it turns out the members of the Fighters Guild are lazy. After I loitered for a while – it was eleven o’ clock – the door finally opened when I got back at around two o’ clock. All they do is sleep appearantly.

The silent quest-giver.

So, when I finally got in, I politely greeted my quest-giver and fellow member of the Fighters Guild but something awkward happened. The man did not seem te respond at my greetings and also when I asked him about my quest, he remained silent. Even when I took fifteen minutes to make a drawing of him he acted like I was not even there! Maybe I should return to the Citadel to check whether I killed the right werewolf of maybe my quest-giver just has an enormous hangover.


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