One day RymdResa turned up in my Steam Greenlight queue and I have been looking forward to play this game ever since. Last thursday it was released so I dived into deep poetic space immediately. While I am not ready to give a full review of the game yet, I wanted to…

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In the past two years I have previewed several crowd funding projects that were on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Since 2014 is now behind us I will take a look at the progression of some of these projects and check what we can expect of them this year. Comic Conquest Comic…

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You might have seen RymdResa on Steam Greenlight and disregarded it as yet another space game, which is not untrue. When you read the features: procedural world, random loot, ship customization there does not seem to be anything new to it. Until the key-words solitude of space, poetic experience and non-violent are…

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