The Milkdrinker

The story of a milkdrinker

In these series you can read about Poppo. He is a Nord who has been left for dead in the middle of nowhere and tries to stay warm, alive and if possible with a belly full of mead. While almost every NPC tries to give him quests, his only quest is to avoid adventure and stay out of trouble. Living the common life in Skyrim is harder than you might think!

Poppo going down south

I do not have specific rules I have to follow, but I do try to play a certain way. A common man does not go running everywhere, so neither does Poppo. He goes strolling. I also try to keep him out of trouble, fighting only when necessary and never accept a quest which might bring Poppo in danger. I will try to earn money by honest work and trade. I use two mods to make the survival and common life of Poppo more realistic. First of all the Realistic needs mod so Poppo gets hungry, thirsty and tired. The second mod is Frostfall that makes travelling and survival in Skyrim more realistic (and bone chilling). The third mod is Alternative life, so Poppo does not start as the Dragonborn but a common man.


  1. The road ahead is empty
  2. A¬†Milkdrinker’s mother
  3. Kynesgrovians
  4. Northwind Summit
  5. Safe Haven
  6. Down the wrong path
  7. Live and let die
  8. Rock Joint
  9. The hunt begins
  10. Time for a plan